The Nelsons
Marie and Melvin Nelson, my maternal Grandparents, met and got married in Chicago during the time of Al Capone.  They later moved to Fort Worth, Texas where they raised two daughters:  Charlotte and Janice.  Charry married Paul McQuillan and raised three red-haired boys:  Dennis, Michael and James.  Jan married Thomas O'Hare and raised two girls and one boy:  my cousins Julie, Donna, and Brian.  These pics are from 1925, and at their 50th wedding anniversary.

  . .   

Marie Nelson, Julie O'Hare, Donna O'Hare, Dennis McQuillan.   Fort Worth, Texas, circa 1957.

Jan O'Hare, Marie Nelson, and Charlotte McQuillan.  Circa 1985.

The Ladies of the Family.  Julie, Charlotte, Jan, Marie, and Donna, with babies Andrea and Eleanor, 1982.