The McNulty Clan

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Ireland, 1060's-70's.


Dennis and Pat with Aunt Mae, Connecticut, early 1970's


At Paul McQuillan's Memorial Service, Basking Ridge, NJ, January 13, 2006.
Mike McQuillan, Patrick McNulty, Mary O'Brien, Jim McQuillan, Dennis McQuillan, James McNulty, Seamus Sheeran (Veronica's husband).

The McNulty's of Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland.  This picture was taken during my visit in 1992.  From left to right in the back, my Dad's First Cousins,  Veronica Sheeran, Patrick McNulty, James McNulty, and Mary O'Brien, along with me and Dale, my girlfriend at the time.  While growing up, Patrick spent a few summers visiting us in America.  He was studying to be an electrician.  He now runs his business from the first floor of his house, and lives with his wife Kitty and daughter Sandra upstairs.

The very day I drove into Swinford, one of my Grandmother's sisters passed away.  My relatives were convinced that it was God's will that I should return to the homeland on the same day that Aunt Mary went off to heaven.  I went through a very interesting Irish Catholic funeral, including an open-casket service where Aunt Mary had a striking resemblance to my Grandmother who had passed away 13 years prior.  The McNultys insisted that it was also God's will that I play my violin at the funeral mass.  I took the spiral staircase in the musty old church up to the chior loft, where I played Amazing Grace.  The acoustics inside the church were awesome.  The notes just kind of floated off my fiddle and filled the air in the church which had a very similar interior design to St. Francis Cathedral here in Santa Fe.  I played lots of double stops where I would drone an open string, while fingering notes on another.  The tune is an easy one to play, and I sounded pretty good.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  After the funeral mass, we carried her casket to the cemetary, and spent the rest of the day in a local pub, where I got to meet all kinds of other relatives who had come to town that morning for the funeral.

Dad and Jim visiting the McMulty's.                                              James and Family.


Dad with Mary, and Veronica

Dad with Kitty, and Georgina and Mary.

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